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[Launchpad-users] Your top three wishes for Launchpad? (4.0 planning)

With the 3.0 release coming up soon, we're beginning the 4.0 planning
process.  To help with prioritization, we'd like to know your top 3
wishes for Launchpad 4.0.  Please follow up in this thread, and...

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  Don't change your response based on other responses in this thread.
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That is, if you were going to say "I want a wiki", and you see other
people saying that already, please *still* say it -- we want to gauge
relative popularity too.

Naturally, this survey is extremely anecodotal, non-rigorous, etc, and
we're not promising what will get implemented.  We're just gathering
data so we can prioritize.  (Though now that Launchpad is open source,
you can also get involved directly in improving it if you want; see for information on that.)


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